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1000x AI & Automation Academy

The AI & Automation Academy is a transformative learning experience that equips professionals, businesses, and students with the mindsets, skills, and capabilities to unlock exponential growth and impact through applied AI and intelligent automation training.

1000x AI Leadership Program

Lead your company into the future with AI. This program motivates executives and business owners to strategically implement AI for transformative business impact.

Gain skills to identify high-ROI AI opportunities, assemble an AI transformation team, integrate AI across your organization, utilize AI for next-level customer engagement, and make data-driven decisions.

Equip yourself with knowledge of leading AI applications in your industry. Collaborate with peers to workshop use cases tailored to your business priorities.

We empower you with the mindset, capabilities, and tools to unleash AI's benefits and drive accelerated growth.

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Our Courses about AI



Our ChatGPT courses provide professionals a strong foundation in conversational AI through:

  • An intro class covering prompt engineering basics and simple use cases
  • Complex prompts and techniques for intricate tasks
  • Integration strategies
  • Hands-on labs to fully leverage ChatGPT in business

AI Writing Tools

Our AI Writing Tools course empowers you to produce compelling written content at scale.

Learn to leverage cutting-edge AI tools to:

  • Automatically generating articles, blog posts, social media content and more
  • Create high-quality drafts with AI for refined human editing
  • Implement collaborative human + AI writing strategies to maximize creativity and output

The course equips you with strategies and hands-on skills to augment your writing with AI, supercharging productivity and freeing you to focus on big picture ideas.


AI Tools for Business

Transform your business with AI tools.

Learn to:

  • Automate workflows to streamline operations
  • Gather data insights and predict trends
  • Delight customers and personalize interactions
  • Leverage natural language processing and predictive analytics
  • Boost productivity, decision making and performance

Hands-on training in top AI technologies to cut costs, drive revenue, and scale your company.
Develop strategic skills to accelerate business growth through real-world AI implementations.


AI for 1000x Productivity

Transform how you work with AI tools to boost your productivity by 1000x.

Learn how to:

  • Use AI virtual assistants and calendar apps to save hours
  • Streamline email and automate basic tasks more effectively
  • Enhance productivity through advanced AI add-on apps and plugins
  • Free up more time for learning, reading, and watching by using AI Tools.

1000x AI Bootcamp

Our intensive bootcamp fast-tracks your AI capabilities through:

  • AI Foundations: Core concepts demystified
  • ChatGPT Basics: Workflows and prompts
  • Advanced ChatGPT: Specialized integration
  • AI Business Tools: Automation and insights
  • AI Productivity Tools: Assistants and efficiency
  • Building Your AI OS: Framework to integrate tools

Via hands-on projects, learn to apply ChatGPT, automation, insights and productivity enhancement.

Workshop implementations tailored to your role with peers.

The bootcamp condenses beginner to advanced applied AI skills into an immersive experience, equipping you to immediately leverage AI.

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